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Jamie Valdes offer highlights advantage Cosmos have over MLS sides

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Several weeks ago, Cosmos fans woke up to the news that the team was pursuing midfielder Jaime Valdes. The versatile Chilean is probably closer to the end of his career than he is to the beginning, but still appears to have plenty left in the tank, and would be a great addition to any club in the United States based strictly on performance.

Since word first leaked of New York's interest, details have begun to emerge about the nature of the Cosmos' offer. If the figures Dave Martinez is reporting are correct, Valdes would be (at least) the third Cosmos player making enough money to be considered a designated player in MLS. For those who don't follow that other league closely enough to be familiar with their salary cap rules, MLS sides are allowed a maximum of three such players, and have to round out their rosters with players making considerably less money.

While MLS sides have a considerable advantage over NASL sides in terms of television and commercial revenues, these self-imposed salary restrictions within which MLS operates are certainly an area in which NASL sides like the Cosmos could look to take advantage. Whatever the new salary figure MLS comes up with for their designated players turns out to be, the Cosmos won't be working with the same sort of restrictions while plying in the NASL, and can pursue quality players that MLS sides just can't afford to go after with little to no competition.

Frankly, I'm of the opinion that this sort of player is exactly who the Cosmos should be pursuing going forward, as there are plenty of quality players like Valdes that just don't fit into the MLS salary structure. An NASL team with 6-7 of these players in teir regular starting lineup would almost certainly be a better side than anything MLS could produce, and probably far more competitive in the CONCACAF Champions League as well (assuming they could win the U.S. Open Cup in order to get there).

Regardless of whether or not Valdes opts to leave Colo Colo to play for the Cosmos next season, it's refreshing to see the player confirm that the club are interested enough in his services to make a substantial financial offer. One would have to assume that the willingness to do for that caliber player won't end, even if the Jamie Valdes transfer doesn't come to fruition.