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The Cosmos more than doubled FC Edmonton's offer to Hans Denissen last winter

Chris Austin-USA TODAY Sports

Last winter, the Cosmos biggest name signing may well have been Hans Denissen. The dutchman was coming off of a sensational season in which he finished second in the NASL scoring race, and San Antonio fans didn't seem to be very happy when the Cosmos offered him a sizable contract to switch clubs.

As it turns out, the Cosmos were not the only team interested, and the contract they offered blew another club out of the water as well:

In the off-season, the Eddies pursued Hans Denissen, a free agent who finished second in the 2013 NASL scoring race; Denissen eventually signed for the New York Cosmos. Coach Miller later told reporters the Cosmos more than doubled Edmonton’s offer.

Alberta Venture

We knew that the Cosmos had made a large enough offer that member of the Scorpions front office understood why he had to accept, but this is the first that I (among others) have heard of FC Edmonton's interest. In the end, the Eddies may have dodged a bullet, as it was a terrible season for Hans in terms of staying healthy enough to contribute.

Denissen is still listed on the Cosmos' 2015 roster, and with any luck, he'll be healthy enough to contribute next season. With the signing of Raul Gonzalez, though, there won't be nearly as much pressure on him to do so.