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Three Cosmos named to week eight NASL team of the week

Here's hoping that number goes up for week nine

Mike Zarrilli

Week eight turned out pretty well for the Cosmos, and as a result, a trio of players found themselves named to the NASL team of the week. Here's the full group:

Carlos Mendes has made the team of the week before, after his brace in week one. For both Jimmy Maurer and Danny Szetela, this marks the first time in 2014 that either have been named.

For Maurer, this has been a long time coming, as he's now kept five clean sheets in his eight NASL starts. Szetela has also probably been deserving in the past, though it's not surprising that he ended up waiting until he scored his first goal to be named to to team of the week.

Hopefully, next week will see another handful of New York players honored, and with any luck they'll be celebrating a spring season title.