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Denissen lightens the mood with Luis Suarez joke

This had me laughing after the disappointing result last evening

Andy Marlin

The Cosmos may have been knocked out of the U.S. Open Cup last night in relatively controversial fashion, but that isn't stopping one of our current crop of forwards from poking fun at another football related controversy which is garnering all of the national attention. Hans Denissen, the floor is yours:

Last night's loss still stings, but seeing Hans poke a little fun at Luis Suarez certainly helps lighten the mood a bit today. I'm curious if Denissen's lunchtime nibble would have even put a dent in this monster though.

Regardless, well played, Hans, you had me chuckling at work with that one. Hopefully when the fall season kicks off your knee will be healthy enough for you to make your first start with the club, as more goals are certainly never a bad thing.