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Cosmos' pair named to NASL team of the week

The pair have been there before, and will likely be there again

Mike Zarrilli

The New York Cosmos went into their final match of the spring season knowing that they couldn't lift the title, but given the new NASL format which stresses the importance of the full season table, the game was still massive as far as the club were concerned. Winning that contest has left the Cosmos in a great position after 1/3 of the season has been played, and the NASL recognized a pair of Cosmos' players in their team of the week for week nine:

Both Ayoze and Jimmy Maurer have made the team of the week before, both both are certainly desrving after an excellent week nine. I'd have probably included Mads Stokkelien as well, as though it was a somewhat quiet game from the Cosmos' attack, that cross he delivered for the winner was absolutely top shelf.

As always, congratulations are in order for the pair recognized by the league, and hopefully this won't be the last time the pair are honored.