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Oklahoma City FC unveils crest, hopes to join NASL in 2015

The club will play in the NPSL this season

Mike Stobe

Oklahoma City FC announced their new crest today, and have confirmed that they still hope to join the NASL in 2015 despite having agreed to join the NPSL this season.

Nick Cunningham, whose company designed the crest, had the following to say about the design:

"When we were asked to develop a crest for the new NASL soccer team, we wanted to be as inclusive of our community as we could be. We used imagery that would elevate soccer communities across the state just as many traditional soccer clubs have across Europe for decades."

NASL Bill Peterson also had some comments for the launch, reinforcing the league's commitment to Oklahoma City:

"Oklahoma has the potential to be an incredible professional soccer market where the NASL remains committed to going forward. Oklahoma City is enjoying a renaissance period in which professional soccer will play a big part."

If Oklahoma City is ready to make the jump, they'll be one of three new teams joining the league next season. Virginia Cavalry FC and Jacksonville Armada FC will also begin play in 2015.