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NASL Live extends free trial, offers refunds to paying customers

After struggling with audio and video issues during the first three weeks of the season, the NASL did something to appease their fanbase

Mike Zarrilli

Those of you who have been trying to follow the Cosmos through NASL Live will have no doubt noticed a few irritating issues. While the two home matches have seemingly been problem-free, the away match against FC Edmonton featured non-stop audio issues that made it very difficult to listen to.

The issues weren't limited to that match though, as some opening weekend matches also had problems syncing the audio to the video. This past weekend featured far more serious issues, as the Ottawa/Carolina match never went live, before fans watching Fort Lauderdale and Indy were treated to last weekend's Eleven match.

Paying customers have not been happy, and the NASL released the following statement:

The North American Soccer League remains committed to providing high quality soccer to fans everywhere through NASL Live. Due to the technical difficulties the NASL has experienced with NASL Live during the first three weeks of the NASL Season, NASL is extending the free trial of NASL Live through the Spring 2014 Season and adjusting the price of the 2014 Season Pass to $19.99.

Subscribers who have already been charged will automatically be issued a refund without taking any further action and the free trial of NASL Live will automatically extend through July 11, 2014.

On July 11, Subscribers who selected a Season Pass when registering will be charged a one-time fee of $19.99 which will provide access to all NASL Live content through November 30, 2014. Subscribers who selected a Monthly Pass when registering will be charged $4.99 on a monthly basis beginning July 11. Subscribers who cancel prior to July 11 will not be charged.

In addition to extending the free trial, the NASL is devoting more resources to ensuring that all subscribers can access all games on NASL Live whether it be via or via the NASL App.

Credits will be issued automatically and may take up to 30 days to post to subscribers' credit cards, depending on the method of payment.

We greatly value your support of the NASL and our member clubs.

This means you'll be able to watch NASL Live for free for the remainder of the spring season, and billing will begin (again) as the fall campaign kicks off. Hopefully, this will give PERFORM time to find and kill the remaining gremlins in the system.

While this is a nice gesture, I hope they manage to sort out their issues as soon as humanly possible. When working properly, this season's feeds have been noticeably better than last year. They just haven't worked properly often enough.