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New York Cosmos 0 - San Antonio Scorpions 1: Initial Reaction

The Cosmos lost their first match of the spring despite dominating the match

Mike Stobe

SOmetimes, it's just not your night. Despite dominating both possession and shots this evening, the Cosmos fell to the San Antonio Scorpions 1-0 at Hofstra, dropping their first match of the 2014 season. The chances were there, but the quality finishes required to win tonight just weren't.

The Cosmos found themselves behind for the first time since last October early in the first half, when Danny Barrera drove through the Cosmos' defense, forcing Jimmy Maurer into a fantastic save. Unfortunately for the Cosmos, the rebound fell onto the head of Eric Hassli, who nodded it home.

Unfortunately, that would be the only goal of the match. The rest of the league can breathe a bit easier now, as the spring table is less likely to end up looking as lopsided as the fall table did.


  • The first half was probably the most dominant 45-minute display I've seen from the Cosmos since they returned to the pitch last fall. How ironic is it that they went into the break trailing after absolutely dominating the game.
  • For a referee crew that will be representing CONCACAF at the World Cup, these guys were awful tonight.
  • Jimmy Maurer has been excellent now that the week one jitters have worn off.
  • The spacing, defensive pressure, and one-touch movement on display this evening was fantastic. There are top European sides that couldn't haven't looked that good this season.
  • Gio has his squad taking some awfully nice set pieces. Even the spacing on throws looks exceptional, which is something you can't often say.
  • The I can't wait for Hans Denissen to return to fitness. The role Alessandro Noselli has been playing is perfect for him.
  • For all the positives tonight, the Cosmos' finishing was just awful. Mads Stokkelien in particular needs to be better going forward. Maybe there's some sense behind all this Raul talk after all...