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New York Cosmos Player Spotlight: Marcos Senna

Senna is usually a key player for the Cosmos, but will be even more important than usual against FC Edmonton

Mike Stobe

Breaking down the Eddies is never an easy thing to do, but it's a task the Cosmos will need to accomplish Saturday night if they want to continue to set the early pace in the NASL. Edmonton will likely sit deep and defend even though it's their home opener, as that's generally been their approach in recent times. Center forward Mads Stokkelien will likely find space in the middle tough to come by, and will probably require some first class service in order to have any chances.

The Cosmos don't have a player more capable of delivering that type of service than #19. In addition to his ability to deliver through balls and crosses, his set piece taking is second to none. Both games against Edmonton last fall were stop and start affairs, so Senna will likely have more than a few opportunities on Saturday night.

All winter we were hearing that Senna's delivery looked as good as ever, and the opener against Atlanta did nothing to suggest otherwise. He had several excellent deliveries from set pieces, as well as a delicious long pass that led to Mads Stokkelien hitting the post.

If Marcos has one of his better games again against the Eddies, the Cosmos are fairly likely to break their opponent down and come away with three points. If he's struggling at all, this one could be reminiscent of our two meetings with the Canadian side last season. Here's hoping it's the former.