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The rumors linking Raul to the Cosmos keep coming, but do they really need him?

Raul is a legend in Spain, and still plays well enough for the NASL, but can we calm down the talk a bit?

Juergen Schwarz

Do you ever get the feeling that the media doesn't have enough to talk about? You'd think with as many sports and teams as there are out there, the NEw York media wouldn't spend almost a full calendar year on Raul. It makes one think, how would the classic Cosmos would have been handled in this day and age? Imagine the non-stop transfer rumors in the age of social media.

Raul is one of the more recognizable names in the sport in the last twenty years. It's been no secret that the Cosmos have been interested in him for a while, which is all well and good, but don't the Cosmos have enough talent for the level they compete at already? I have no issue with Raul coming over and playing with the Cosmos, but do we really know what he has left?

Yes the NASL is a step down from Europe, and we've seen Marcos Sienna come in and work out very well in the league. So by that, most assume Raul will come in and be great. But what happens if he comes over and takes a year to adjust? Stranger things have happened, especially when a massive change in culture is involved. Raul isn't a young man anymore and the door is slamming on his career rapidly. This club clearly has the talent even without Raul to win the Soccer Bowl again. Is he worth the risk at the money he'd cost?

Adding Raul would also make us the clear villain for fans of any other NASL team, much as the Yankees and Lakers have been for years. That's a role the Cosmos played in the original NASL, and it's one they're quickly settling into during their second spell. Then again, from Raul's perspective, that may not be so different than what he's dealt with at Real Madrid throughout his career.

I hope that Raul comes over, and signs as soon as you finish reading this. As a supporter of the club and the sport, though, constantly hearing about Raul being signed is getting tiresome. Hopefully now that the season is underway we can focus on the group in place already, and leave the talk about Raul for later.