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Yonkers mayor wants pro soccer, could the Cosmos be a fit?

Should Elmont fall through, the Cosmos could have a suitor in Yonkers

Mike Stobe

Much has been made of the Cosmos and their neverending stadium saga, but the mayor of Yonkers may have made things even more interesting with some comments last night. Mike Spano took to twitter last night, and had the following to say:

Most would probably look at these comments and conclude that the mayor is targeting NYC FC, the expansion MLS side that is yet to find a long-term (or short-term) home. With the Cosmos still in a holding pattern concerning their Belmont Park bid, potential fallback options are certainly worth considering. The club have been working hard to build a home on Long Island, but if local politics make that impossible, Yonkers would be worth looking into.

Personally, I'd still prefer to see the Elmont proposal wind up being approved, and to see the club start moving forward with their long term home as soon as possible. Here's hoping that the state eventually makes up their mind on the situation, as the wait became ridiculous a long time ago.