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New York Cosmos - Rise of Champions, via One World Sports

One World Sports put together a fantastic documentary, which you should take the time to watch

The Cosmos regular season doesn't get going for just over a month. Baseball season is also weeks away. The NFL season ended in February, and both the NHL and NBA seasons are winding down a relatively sleepy regular season before the marathon march through the playoffs gets underway.

That doesn't leave Cosmos fans with a whole lot of viewing options right now, even including the less than stellar ties in Europe on Sunday*. Luckily, though, One World Sports put out a fantastic documentary covering the 2013 fall season, the buildup to the sold out opener at Hofstra, and the Soccer Bowl in Atlanta.

*Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid did play to a massively entertaining 2-2 draw, assuming you can get by the insane amount of diving and rolling around on the ground they forced us to witness

Hopefully this gets you excited for the 2014 season, which gets underway April 13.