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New York Cosmos extend partnership with Emirates

The NASL club confirmed that they'll remain with Emirates for the next two years

Mike Stobe

The Cosmos teased a 'big announcement' yesterday, and today confirmed that they'd be extending their sponsorship agreement with Emirates. The new arrangement will see the sponsorship extended for two more years, and will probably mean more preseason tours in Dubai in the future.

Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, the airline’s Divisional Senior Vice President, had the following comments about the partnership:

"It would seem the Emirates’ magic has worked again. The New York Cosmos’ progress is nothing short of meteoric and the extension of our sponsorship agreement enables this wonderful journey with Emirates to continue. As our cabin crew say ‘Welcome back on board.’"

Cosmos' chairman Seamus O'Brien added the following:

"We are honored to be associated with such a world-class brand. This agreement underlines how much both organizations value this relationship and the new deal reaffirms Emirates’ belief in what we are trying to achieve at the Cosmos."

As usual with the Cosmos, specifics of the agreement were not disclosed. It's nice to see the arrangement working so well for both sides though, and hopefully this allows the club to continue putting the best possible product on the pitch.