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Cosmos will face Emirates Club in the final friendly of their tour

The third and final match of the Cosmos' preseason tour will take lace on Sunday

Mike Zarrilli

The New York Cosmos' preseason tour of Dubai is almost over, but there's still one more contest to be played before the club leaves the warm weather of the Middle East to return to the frigid conditions in the northeast. The club finally announced the details of the contest on Friday, confirming that their final match of the trip would be held against Emirates Club.

The game is scheduled for Sunday, and will kick off at 9:10 a.m. eastern time. Like the other two matches played on this trip, there will be no stream available to watch the match. Those of you with twitter accounts should make sure to follow @NYCosmos_Match, as they will be providing live updates on what is going on.

Emirates Club currently sit 11th in the Arabian Gulf League, and probably won't have too many names that most of us would know. Last season saw them playing in the second division, which they won in order to gain promotion.