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FC Edmonton ownership looking to replace the awful turf at Clarke Stadium

Here's hoping they do, and here's hoping they do so as soon as possible


One of the worst memories I have of the 2013 Cosmos' season was our September 1st game in Edmonton. Not only did the Cosmos suffer a frustrating 1-1 draw, but fans streaming the game at home were treated to one of the least aesthetically pleasing sights in the sport. That sight? Football lines painted on a plastic soccer pitch.

Do you need a reminder of just how awful the turf was in Edmonton? I'm guessing that's the main reason the club has the full match against the Cosmos available on Youtube, to ensure fans can't block that horrible sight from their memory.

It doesn't sound like the players enjoyed playing on the surface any more that we enjoyed looking at it. Luckily, FC Edmonton's owner is now hoping to replace the turf. He knows it's an eyesore, and he wants to see it fixed. Good for him, and here's hoping neither of us have to deal with it when we travel to Edmonton in April.