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Denissen hopes to make the Cosmos scary as preseason training get underway

The 29-year old doesn't appear to love the cold, and spoke about that and other topics following training today

Andy Marlin

Now that the players are back in New York for preseason training, we'll be able to get to know the new players. Hans Denissen had a few comments today, all of which can be found on the club's website.

One of the things the striker was asked about was what he hopes to bring to the club, and he had the following to say:

"I'm looking to bring my style to New York. I'm trying to do my best to again be successful with the Cosmos this year and just find a way where we can be a team that other teams are scared of playing against."

"For the organization to keep going forward, I think it's important that they kept the core group of guys together. You bring in a few new players so there's always fresh faces and you always move forward."

Denissen was a big signing for the club this winter, not only because it leaves San Antonio considerably weaker in attack, but because it should help to address the Cosmos' lack of consistent production from it's forwards. The club was tremendous defensively throughout the 2013 season, generally dominated possession, and getting plenty of goals from the midfield. For most of the season, however, Gio Savarese's strikers struggled to find the back of the net consistently.

There haven't been too many new faces added to the Cosmos' squad thus far, but between the additions of Denissen and Mads Stokkelien, it seems clear that the club would like to see a few more goals from the frontmen. With that pair and the returning options Savarese has at his disposal, I'd be surprised if that didn't happen. Hopefully we see a few more hits like this one: