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View from the enemy: A look at FC Edmonton's trip to New York

The Canadian club shared some highlights from their trip to New YorkC Edmonton

Most of us would probably like to forget FC Edmonton's 2013 visit to New York City, as a last minute equalizer prevented the Cosmos from clinching the fall championship at home. The result eventually proved to be only a minor setback, as the Cosmos clinched the fall title a week later in San Antonio before going on the win the Soccer Bowl.

The Canadian club released a video several weeks ago where they gave fans an inside look at the preparations for their trip to New York City. It's always kind of fun to get a look at how the other side prepares for big road trips like the one in October, especially now that the disappointing result has been rendered mostly harmless.

FC Edmonton managed to draw both games against the Cosmos last season, making them the only NASL club not to suffer a loss against Gio Savarese's side. The two clubs will meet for the first time this season on April 19 in Edmonton.