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Eric Stover calls a Freddy Adu move unlikely, despite conversations last year

The Cosmos discussed bringing Adu to New York last year, but decided against the move

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Bob Levey

Cosmos COO Eric Stover spent some time Wednesday morning talking to Jason Davis on Soccer Morning, and discussed several different topics concerning the Cosmos. One of the more interesting points brought up involved the currently out-of-contract Freddy Adu, who is training with Blackpool to remain fit after failing to impress them enough to earn a contract.

Davis asker Stover if the club had any interest in bringing Adu into the fold, a move that might make some sense given the name recognition of both the club and the player. Stover poured a bit of cold water on the idea though, noting that the club have looked at the player in the past, but that it was very unlikely that they'd be making a move for Adu before this season.

Signing Adu would be an interesting idea, especially after the massive success taking a flier on Danny Szetela. It seems as if Adu has been around forever, but at just 24, he's probably just entering into the prime years of his career. He's got plenty of experience with clubs playing at a higher level than the NASL, and he's still one of the most recognizable names in US soccer despite having done little to justify that.

All that said, Gio Savarese and his staff have done a pretty excellent job in evaluating talent, and if they've taken a look at the player, I'm sure they have a good idea what his value is to the club, and having spoken with him in the past, probably know exactly what he's looking for in terms of compensation as well. It's a fun thing to debate, and with that in mind, I've attached a poll for you to let us know what you think. Please vote in the poll, and feel free to expand on your vote in the comments section below.