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Welcome to Twice a Cosmo

The Cosmos have returned to New York, and fans finally have a place to follow the club on SB Nation

Andy Marlin

Welcome to Twice a Cosmo, SB Nation's first community dedicated to a North American Soccer League side. For those of you new to SB Nation, we are a network of individual communities dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of your favorite sports and teams. In the case of Twice A Cosmo, we're covering the most storied soccer club in the history of the US, the New York Cosmos.

Our goal here is simple. We're striving to develop a community where all fans can come to get the latest news, recaps, and analysis of the Cosmos, as well as just becoming a place to discuss whatever else may be going on with the club. We want you to feel a part of a group here, and to add some of yourself to the community.

With that in mind, we've got several different ways that you can share your thoughts. The first is the comment section, where you can discuss the content of any given article with others that have read it. We'll have dedicated thread for every match this season, and those are a great way to interact with other fans as if you were sitting right next to them.

You can post an article of your own, not subject to any editing or approval process. On the right hand side of the front page you'll find a section dedicated to FanPosts, and once you've registered, you can post one any time you'd like. We only ask a few things when publishing a FanPost of your own. First, please make sure it's not something copied from another website. Secondly, keep the community guidelines in mind when writing. Finally, take a few minutes to look it over before you publish. Making it readable will go a long way in encouraging discussion on what you wrote.

Further down the right hand side of the front page, you'll find the FanShot section. That's a perfect place to share an interesting link, video, or brief thought you happened to have.

All you need to do in order to participate is to register with SB Nation. If you're already a member of another SB Nation site, simply join Twice a Cosmo to join in the discussion immediately. If this is your first experience with the network, it only takes a few seconds to register. Thanks in advance for doing just that, and welcome to the community.