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The Cosmos are providing some extra motivation for Atlanta, according to Eric Wynalda

Another shot at the reigning NASL champions is providing a little extra motivation for Atlanta


Eric Wynalda is the new technical director of the Atlanta Silverbacks, and had some comments for the club's website on Wednesday. While most of the comments dealt with how he's getting his squad ready for the new season, he finished with some talk of the season opener with New York:

"The game itself will be great on many levels. It gives us a chance at redemption from the Soccer Bowl, and my old friend Pele will be there. He is a great man, and it’ll be great to see him, but even though we’re friends, I hope he goes home disappointed. It’s a business trip for us and we know we have a job to do. Look, I think we’re all looking forward to having another shot at the Cosmos. I think it’ll tell us a lot about what kind of team we have. I’m really ready for this game, though."

He went on to finish with a bit of extra motivation the team may be getting from an unnamed member of the Cosmos' organization:

"After we lost the final to the Cosmos last year, I saw someone from their organization at the annual soccer convention and they said something to me like ‘hey, at least it wasn’t a blowout.’ Let’s just say that type of comment gives us some extra motivation. Not that we didn’t need any in the first place."

With the run of form Gio Savarese's side finished the 2013 season in, I don't think too many would have been shocked to see a more lopsided score than 1-0. Goals were hard to come by for the Cosmos last season though, a problem that will hopefully be remedied with the additions of Hans Denissen and Mads Stokkelien. Here's hoping that pair get off to a flying start in 2014, and put up a crooked number against Atlanta in the opener.