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Your Tuesday Night Footy Show

Stephen Brandt and Keith Kokinda bring you Tuesday Vuvu on Blogtalk radio.

Chris Brunskill

As the host of the only non-network Tuesday Podcast out there. I bring you the Tuesday Vuvuzela Podcast on Blogtalk radio.

Every Tuesday, Stephen Brandt, Keith Kokinda, and Vanessa Valetine, bring you the only American show on Soccer, without an affiliation, who will talk about the sport, the issues, and the media. Guests include national team players, journalists, and fellow podcasters. Keith's followed/worked in the sport since the 80's. Vanessa is an ex player, GM, and current coach on the West Coast, Stephen has worked in media, or club side for years and is currently the go to man on history of the sport for many blogs.

We've had on our show from Hot Time in the Old Town, Ryan Sealock, our resident Newcastle fan, Ruben Tisch, our Fire and Arsenal fan. Both Sealock and Tisch update us on the Fire, their teams, and the blog. Over the past two years, we've had on ex-players, pundits like Bobby McMahon, Phil Schoen, and many others. This year we're aiming for some current and former US Women's National Team players, and a few players from the NASL.

We'll also bring in people from other podcasts, (any of the Fire Podcasts are welcome). Graham Wilson from BTWCeltic Show (listen to him), and Eric Nash from WWDB AM 860 in Philadelphia. Also we will bring on Eric Westover, the goalkeeper of the US Amputee team.

On the Feb 11th edition:

Stephen and Keith are back. We'll chat on the buzz saw that was the Arsenal v Liverpool match.  Miami got a team, but didn't get a team. What? And Stephen doesn't see the point in it. We look at Stephen's local club Nick Mendola of FC Buffalo to chat on the club, how they started, and their fan group. Also random mentions of media, and Manchester United hatred.