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Former Chivas forward training with the Cosmos

Jose Manuel Rivera is yet another forward training with Gio Savarese's side, ahead of the new season

The Cosmos have a new player in training today, according to Dave Martinez*. For those of you unfamiliar with the player, the video embedded above should give you some idea of what he brings to the table.

*You should make sure to check in regularly at his site, Empire of Soccer, to keep up with all things involving New York soccer

Jose Manuel Rivera spent last season with Chivas USA, having spent time in Mexico, Eastern Europe, and Finland before that. He was a massive disappointment in MLS, especially considering the wages he was making.

While not under contract with the club at the moment (as far as we know), the NASL would appear to be a logical step in the player's career after failing to shine in Los Angeles. I'd imagine that if he impresses enough to warrant a spot in the squad, there will be a good chance he remains with the club this season. Gio Savarese is clearly looking to add options to the forward line, the player is out of contract, and despite where Rivera was generally played last season, he's primarily played up front throughout his career.