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Messing Around: Jacksonville's team name coming, Atlanta isn't ready for MLS

Non-Cosmos related news and links for Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tom Hauck

Tuesday brings Cosmos fans one day closer to the NASL season, and even though it's quite cold throughout most of the northeast, there are quite a few games on today to help warm you up. West Brom host Chelsea in the English Premier League, while the second leg of the Copa Del Rey semifinal between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid  will be played this afternoon as well.

Here are are a few of the non-Cosmos stories we've decided to highlight today:

Jacksonville's NASL team name coming soon

Jacksonville is one of the three new teams scheduled to join the league in 2015, along with Oklahoma City and the Virginia Cavalry. They'll be the third NASL club from the state of Florida.

Goodbye Jeld-Wen Field, hello Providence Park

I've never been one to get overly fussed if clubs make a bit of money selling the naming rights to a stadium, but 15 years for anything MLS-related seems like an awfully dumb idea. One doesn't need to look any further than Arsenal about a decade ago for examples of why short term deals would be far more prudent in a league experiencing economic growth.

Atlanta isn't ready for MLS

Miami probably isn't ready for MLS either, but that didn't stop Don Garber.

Fabian Johnson reportedly joining Borussia Moenchengladbach this summer

This would be a big move for Johnson, and would be great news for the USMNT.

Spanish government ready to step in and help smaller La Liga clubs

La Liga's smaller clubs have been hurting financially for years, and freezing the television revenue of the league's elite until the smaller clubs catch up a bit would go a long way in terms of creating more watchable games. Real Madrid and Barcelona will always have a huge financial edge, but every little bit helps.

Video of the day

How's one of the best red cards of all time sound?