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Hofstra University to award Pele with an honorary degree

The Brazilian legend will be honored during the 'Soccer As The Beautiful Game' conference held in April

Mike Stobe

Pele is going to be a big name this summer, as the World Cup approaches in his native Brazil. A Pele museum is scheduled to be opened in Brazil prior to the tournament, and he's expected to be heavily involved with the media during FIFA's flagship event.

Before the tournament kicks off, however, Pele will be honored at Hofstra for his work both on and off the pitch. University president Stuart Rabinowitz had the following to say about the legendary player:

"Pelé transformed and transcended the game of soccer. While the world first came to know him for extraordinary athletic feats, his soccer career was, in many respects, simply a prelude to an extraordinary life of service as a philanthropist and advocate. He understands the power and responsibility his soccer legacy carries, and has used it to improve the lives of others."

Pele will be honored at the 'Soccer As The Beautiful Game' conference, which will be held from April 10-13, 2014. Scholars, journalists, coaches, and players from more than 25 countries are expected to attend.