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Los Angeles expansion could be announced next week, Wynalda involved

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Reports have been making the rounds that the NASL is set to announce an expansion side in Los Angeles before the end of 2015, and on Monday, some more details about the club began to be reported. The Kartik Report is hearing that the announcement will come as early as next week, and that Eric Wynalda will be involved with the club:

What role Wynalda will have is not being reported yet, or at the very least, not that I'm seeing. I'm also not looking that hard, as I'm en-route to New York City for tomorrow's introduction of Raul.

Still, it will be good to see the west coast get an NASL club, even if I'm skeptical of whether or not Wynalda's involvement is a bright idea. I suppose that comes down to what role he's asked to fill.