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Gunter Kronsteiner will not return to Fort Lauderdale in 2015

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After initial reports that Fort Lauderdale Strikers' ownership was going to part ways with head coach Gunter Kronsteiner, the club quickly moved to assure fans that no decision had been made yet. After all, the manager had just led the club to the NASL title game, and could well have won the title with some more luck from the penalty spot.

On Friday, Kronsteiner has reportedly announced that he will not return in 2015, via The Kartik Report:

This will probably be pretty disappointing news for most Strikers' fans, as the coach was a popular figure. It will be interesting to see who winds up in charge of the Strikers, and what sort of reception ownership gets from the fans when the 2015 NASL season kicks off.