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Should the NASL continue to charge for streaming coverage?

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Empire of Soccer has a piece up with some interesting quotes from both Eric Stover and NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson on television and streaming. The entire article is certainly worth the time it takes to read, and I'd encourage you all to do so.

At the tail end of the piece, EoS has a quote from Peterson regarding the online streaming package the league sold subscriptions for last season. Here's what he had to say:

"Is [subscription streaming] the best model for developing this league and growing it or should we make all the streams available? We are evaluating subscription issue. It’s the future, there is no doubt it’s the future, but is the future today? Or should we focus on a little bit more exposure right now, come back to that later and let somebody else plow that row?"

"We will get [national television] sorted out as we get closer to the 18 teams, but this year, it is really what do we do with the streams, let’s make sure the away broadcast is coming in and there may be some surprises before the season. Let’s see."

I wasn't ever a fan of the NASL deciding to charge to see their games online, as I really thought that was going to limit exposure for the growing league. It sounds as if we might have free streams back for 2015, with the idea of expanding the audience.

With that in mind, I was curious about what NASL fans thought about streaming, and whether or not continuing to charge was in the best interests of the league. I've created a quick poll to gauge how the rest of the community feels, please vote and feel free to discuss your opinion in the comments section below.