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Atlanta Silverbacks part ways with FOX analyst Eric Wynalda

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The last ownership group in Atlanta had an odd fascination with FOX soccer analyst Eric Wynalda. The group brought him in as interim manager during the 2012 season following a solid U.S. Open Cup showing with Cal FC, and installed him as the full time manager ahead of the 2014 season. After an atrocious spring season in which his assistants ran the show while Wynalda did his "coaching" from California (or Europe), the ridiculous experiment was discontinued for the fall season, and Wynalda returned to his role as an adviser.

Following the league takeover of the Atlanta club, Wynalda will no longer be involved with the running of the SIlverbacks. The club announced on Thursday that it would be moving in a different direction for the 2015 season, thanking Wynalda for his contributions along the way.

Frankly, this is easily one of the best things that could have happened to the Silverbacks. Wynalda showed some promise during his coaching spell at Cal FC, as well as a real eye for talent. That said, he was never going to be able to lead the Silverbacks to success in anything less than a full-time capacity, and given his commitments with FOX, that was just never going to happen.

The Silverbacks will now select their next head coach without any input from Wynalda. Alejandro Pombo, who served as interim coach after Wynalda stepped down, will be among the candidates considered.