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Red Bulls make Bradley Wright-Phillips a designated player

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

One of New York's other clubs announced a big move yesterday, just under a week ahead of the Cosmos officially unveiling Raul. The New York Red Bulls announced on Wednesday that Bradley Wright-Phillips had signed a new contract, making him a 'designated player'. For those unfamiliar, MLS regulations allow for clubs to sign a maximum of three designated players, players for whom only a portion of their salary is counted against the cap. What that portion will be next season is still yet to be determined with the new CBA, but presumably Wright-Phillips will be making more than that amount regardless of what it ends up being.

On the field, this probably has little to no impact on the Cosmos. Unless the MLS CBA changes drastically though, it means that the Red Bulls will have one less big-money contract available to give to a star player from overseas (such as the recently departed Thierry Henry, or fan favorite Rafa Marquez). With the Cosmos now dressing a pair of Spanish stars, this could help with ticket sales in a suddenly saturated New York soccer market.

Regardless of drawing power though, retaining Wright-Phillips was probably the right thing to do after the season he just had. With any luck, Cosmos' fans will get a first hand look at him in the U.S. Open Cup next season.