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Details emerge about possible friendly between Santos and the Cosmos

Felipe Oliveira/Getty Images

The New York Cosmos have agreed to participate in the "Amazon Cup", according to reports coming out of South America. Currently participating in the event in addition to the Cosmos are two Brazilian clubs, Remu and Paysandu. Santos is also mentioned, and is expected to round out the four team field later today.

Earlier in the winter we heard rumors of a possible friendly between New York and Santos, who will always be linked because of Pele. The joint participation in this competition would seem to be a pretty natural way to make that happen, and Dave Martinez is reporting that the club will be pretty handsomely compensated for the January tournament.

Of more global interest in the FutNet report, tournament organizers are supposedly looking to improve the field for the 2016 version of the event, looking at clubs such as Chelsea, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. Milan have already done some training with the Cosmos during their time in the US, and Real Madrid now have more than just their sponsor in common with the NASL club. While the inclusion of European giants would likely mean that it became a mid-summer tournament, I'm sure the opportunity to face off against several of the best clubs in the world would be hard for the Cosmos to pass up.

Regardless, it will be nice to see the friendly against Santos happen, and we'll have more details as they emerge.