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Vikings release images of stadium built for MLS

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Two Minnesota groups are making strong pushes to bring MLS to Minneapolis, one led by Minnesota United owner Bill McGuire, the other by the ownership of the Minnesota Vikings. McGuire's group would seek to build a soccer specific stadium somewhere downtown, while the NFL group would be looking at MLS as another occupant of the new stadium currently being built for the Vikings.

On Tuesday, the Vikings released images of the new stadium set up for MLS, with curtains and advertising boards covering some of the seating in order to reduce the capacity. The 65,000 seat stadium would reportedly be scaled back to a 20,000 capacity for soccer, though that number would be able to be increased going forward.

From an NASL fan's perspective, I really hope Don Garber and company find this proposal more appealing than McGuire's, as that would leave Minnesota United free to continue playing in the NASL. It sounds as if it might be a bit of a wait before we hear the next expansion city, however, and we could be hearing more than one if a Miami stadium continues to be an issue.