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Ronaldo announced as part of Fort Lauderdale ownership group

Ron Scheffler-USA TODAY Sports

There's some huge news in Fort Lauderdale today, as the club have announced that Ronaldo will be a part owner of the Strikers. That's not Cristiano Ronaldo, currently playing for Real Madrid, but the retired Brazilian center forward who was once the most feared goalscorer on the planet.

What involvement Ronaldo will have is yet to be seen, but just the name value alone ought to mean a ton of publicity for the club. He's now the best former player to own a stake of a Florida-based soccer team, and the Strikers actually have a place to call home as well.

This ought to get strikers fans excited following the departure of Gunter Kronsteiner, who led the club to within touching distance of the 2015 NASL title. Welcome to the NASL, Ronaldo.