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Two Cosmos' players suspended for NASL semifinal against San Antonio

Chris Brunskill

As the final whistle blew on the NASL regular season, a scuffle broke out between the benches of the New York Cosmos and San Antonio Scorpions. As usual, the NASL was very quiet about the discipline being handed out, but on Friday, the Cosmos have confirmed that they'll be without a pair of players who've been suspended as a result of the incident.

David Diosa and Dane Murphy will both be unavailable for Saturday's fixture because of their involvement in the scrum. From the Cosmos perspective, they will be the only players sanctioned as a result of the incident. Murphy was unlikely to take part in the fixture anyway, while DIosa would have certainly made the bench, and there's a good chance he'd have been one of Gio Savarese's starters.

This likely means that Diomar Diaz and Sebastian Guenzatti will find themselves starting out wide, with Ayoze and Hunter Freeman defending behind them.

A spokesperson from the league has also confirmed that no suspensions were handed down to San Antonio players, or members of their coaching staff.