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Beckenbauer being investigated in relation to the World Cup bidding fiasco, according to reports

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The BBC is reporting that former Cosmos player Franz Beckenbauer is under investigation for his part in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process, which awarded the tournaments to the nations of Russia and Qatar, respectively. The report also states that four other men are being looked into by Michael Garcia, who compiled the now famous Garcia report recently.

With Garcia's findings still kept tightly under wraps by Sepp Blatter and FIFA, it's hard to say why Beckenbauer and the four others are being looked at specifically. The fact that Garcia is singling him out probably isn't a good sign though, and I'm sure we'll hear plenty more on the matter in the coming weeks.

Beckenbauer was a real favorite of mine growing up, so I honestly hope that he's not involved in anything immoral, but the whole bidding process was clearly a mess. Hopefully the Garcia report is leaked sooner, rather than later, and FIFA gets its act together going forward.