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Kronsteiner still in the Strikers' plans, according to ownership

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After an incredible run to the NASL title game, it came as a bit of a surprise last week when word leaked that the Strikers' new ownership would not offer Gunter Kronsteiner a new deal. On Saturday,we had some clarification from the ownership group, which insists they still plan to have him in the mix as they move forward:

"We will make an offer to Gunter, but we told him it's his call. We are preparing for a lot of exciting things and changes to come. Now is not the right time."

"He did such great for with the team this year, but we need to take care of other things first. The coaching situation has not been settled."

While it's probably nice for Strikers' fans to read this sort of thing, I can't help but think this is simply lip service being paid to the manager from an ownership group with other plans. If they really had any intention of bringing Kronsteiner back for the 2015 season, that would be priority number one,not something being pushed to a later date while ohter, more important matters were taken care of.

Then again, Roman Abramovich once brought Roberto Di Matteo back simply because the fans wouldn't have it any other way after Chelsea won their first Champions League title...