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Steven Gerrard hilariously linked to the New York Cosmos

Alex Livesey

Last week was a big one for New York Cosmos fans, as the club announced that Raul Gonzalez will be joining ahead of the 2015 season. On Sunday, one of England's biggest papers is reporting that the club might be after another huge name in Europe.

New York Cosmos, who compete in the North American Soccer League, technically a tier down from Major League Soccer, could be a possible destination.

Last week the club secured the services of Spain and Real Madrid legend Raul.

And Cosmos supremo Rick Parry knows Gerrard and his representatives well from his stint as chief executive at Liverpool.

So it appears that instead of sources, the Mail is simply taking the link between Perry and Liverpool as evidence that Gerrard could be the next big target for Gio Savarese's side. Who knows, though. Maybe they're just saving their inside information for later in their report...right? Let's read on (emphasis added):

Although Raul is the club’s designated player, who earns outside the salary cap, there could be ways and means of offering Gerrard a deal good enough to consider, as the Cosmos seek to become bigger than the two MLS franchises in the Big Apple, New York City and New York Red Bulls.

Oh my. The NASL doesn't have a salary cap, the NASL doesn't have designated players, and even MLS (who does have both of the above) is allowed a maximum of three. There's obviously no information being linked to the mail from anyone with a clue as to how the club in question works, which is a pretty good indicator that The Daily Mail report is full of feces.

It's nce to see that signing Raul is having the desired effect of increasing awareness and coverage surrounding the club, but don't get your hopes up that this rumor is anything but click baiting. If there was any substance to this one at all, there wouldn't be so many hilarious errors in the report.