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Hunter Freeman's favorite moment of 2014 was victory over the Red Bulls

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Freeman did a Q&A with the New York Cosmos website today, answering quite a few questions about the 2014 campaign. One of the things he was asked was his favorite moment of the season, with which he responded as follows:

I think the win in the U.S. Open Cup at home against the Red Bulls was a great memory. It’s a game that had been spoken about ever since the club came back into existence, and then I had been asked numerous questions about it because of having played for the Red Bulls in the past. It wasn’t so much beating a former team of mine, but I think it was the best game we played all year. In all areas of the field. Limiting them to hardly any chance, scoring very good goals, and timely goals. It was just a dominating performance, and we had a great crowd. It was the first time two teams in New York played each other, just to have such a small distance between two clubs competing, it was great. It was great for our fans, but it was great to have the Red Bulls’ fans too. At the end of the night it made for a very entertaining environment, and one the players fed off of. Getting the victory made it that much sweeter.

It's hard to disagree with Freeman's opinion here, as that game meant a ton to Cosmos fans everywhere. The thoroughly lopsided affair was a true joy to watch for every fan in green, and even after a poor fall and disappointing playoff push, 2014 will have at least one memory that endures for a very, very long time.

With any luck, 2015 will see a rematch with the Red Bulls that goes just as well, and possible a victory over NYCFC as well. Even if it never comes to pass though, the 2014 victory was an awful lot of fun.