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NASL semifinal dates and times announced, all games will be streamed on ESPN3

Bruce Bennett

The New York Cosmos first playoff match will almost certainly be against the San Antonio Scorpions, unless something beyond ridiculous happens during the final weekend of the NASL fall season. On Thursday, the NASL announced the date and time of that fixture, without confirming that it will be the Cosmos and Scorpions in San Antonio:

Additionally, the league announced that ESPN3 will stream both playoff games, as well as NASL Live:

Unless you're making the trip to San Antonio, ESPN3 will probably be your best bet to watch the game. Anyone who gets ESPN as part of their cable package likely gets ESPN3 included as well, so the bulk of the fanbase will have no problems watching. For those that don't, it's not too late to subscribe to NASL Live, which charges 4.99 per month.

With any luck, the Cosmos will win that San Antonio game, and Minnesota United won't do the same against either Fort Lauderdale or Carolina. That game will kick off 90 minutes before the semifinal in San Antonio, so the result won't be in when the Cosmos take the pitch: