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Raul has signed multi-year Cosmos contract, according to reports

Juergen Schwarz

ESPN broke the news that the New York Cosmos had reached an agreement with Raul just over a week ago, and today they are reporting that the deal is already signed. I think most had assumed that the deal would cover only the 2015 NASL season, but the most recent reports are claiming that the deal will cover multiple years.

Jeff Carlisle, who broke the ESPN story, is also reporting that an official announcement is expected this week, possibly in the next two days:

If true, It ought to be a big boost to media coverage in the New York area ahead of the NASL playoffs. Unfortunately, the playoffs are unlikely to feature a home match for the Cosmos, unless both away sides win in the semifinals. The Cosmos will be hitting the road to take on the San Antonio Scorpions in their semifinal, while Minnesota United will face an opponent yet to be determined in the other match.