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Cosmos reach agreement with Raul, according to reports

Juergen Schwarz

The New York Cosmos have been courting Real Madrid and Spain legend for just over a year now, and according to reports on Monday, have finally reached an agreement with the player to have him join the Cosmos. The latest round of talks seemed to be working toward a one-year deal to cover the 2015 season, and if the ESPN report is accurate, it looks like the deal is done.

Raul will be a very valuable addition to the club, both from a marketing and performance standpoint. The player is still a legendary figure in the sport, and even if he's lost a step or two, he's probably still going to be one of the most dangerous strikers playing professionally in the United States.

That said, Raul's game was never based upon explosiveness or speed, but rather clever movement, finding pockets of space, and clinical finishing. Those skills are something that have been clearly lacking this season in New York's starting lineup, as the club have created a ton of chances but failed to convert them far too often.

If true, I'd expect confirmation from the club very, very soon. Cross your fingers.